What We Do

Advanced Risk Management Solutions (ARMS Ltd) are a behaviour based safety consultancy that also provides bespoke innovative training programmes.

As a consultancy we recognise the need to understand our client’s organisation so we can provide the best fit and cost effective solution possible.

Our broad skill base then enables us to offer practical solutions for our clients who can be confident they are working with a business that has their unique business needs as our focus.

ARMS team members in action

Safety Culture Assessment

In order to design and implement an effective behaviour based safety programme it is essential that we first assess the existing safety culture across the organisation [more…]

Behaviour Based Safety Solutions

In the design and implementation of a behaviour based safety approach we work in partnership with our client to achieve something that we know will work [more…]

Evaluating Existing Safety Approaches

For organisations with more mature safety cultures our role is usually to act purely as a best practice consultant [more…]

Safety Leadership Training

An organisation’s safety culture is truly a reflection of the values and behaviours of its leadership [more…]

Safety Coaching Training

One of the most valuable and under-developed resources for influencing the safety culture is our supervisory level staff [more…]

Behaviour Based Accident Investigation

There remains a need to ensure that our clients are able to learn accurate lessons from their accidents to ensure they do not happen again [more…]

Drama Based Safety

A highly effective medium for engaging the workforce in the drive for safety improvement is through the ARMS Ltd living case study [more…]

Self Defence for Vulnerable Workers

Some of our client’s activities can put their staff into contact with the general public and potentially vulnerable situations [more…]

Client Tailored Safety Training

ARMS Ltd are able to apply our knowledge and skills to develop a variety of tailored safety training programmes for our clients [more…]