Safety Leadership Training and Development

“Leadership’s attitude to safety is usually extremely positive but then their behaviour can leave an unintended and different impression.”
An organisation’s safety culture is truly a reflection of the values and behaviours of its leadership. It is common to meet leaders who are passionate about safety and preventing accidents within their business. The difficulty often experienced by such leaders is in not being sure how to direct this passion most effectively through their behaviour and the significant influence that this can have over those they are responsible for.

ARMS Ltd consultants are expert at facilitating engaging and practical workshops around this crucial subject of safety leadership. We guarantee that those who attend our safety leadership training will leave with a valuable appreciation of the way in which their role impacts on others and some highly practical ways to use their own behaviour to drive the safety culture forwards.

Our safety leadership training is highly adaptable and we will usually design an approach both in terms of content and duration that is a perfect fit for the client we are working with.

A video made as part of the ARMS Behaviour Based Safety programme roll out at Alstom Power.