Safety Coaching Training and Development

“Too much emphasis on what we communicate in safety often obscures the importance of how we communicate.”
One of the most valuable and under-developed resources for influencing the safety culture is our supervisory level staff. These are also often our most stretched and pressured resource.

ARMS Ltd has a wealth of experience in helping our clients to develop and nurture these key influencers. We have a training approach to effectively equip the line management with the essential safety coaching skills they will need. We then work with them on site where this is possible to develop them through one to one coaching from one of our expert safety coaches.

Once our client supervisors have attended a bespoke safety coaching training programme and had the benefit of one to one guidance from an experienced safety coach this becomes a powerful driver for safe behaviour within the organisation. These key influencers at supervisory level then represent a positive ‘critical mass’ within the business and the benefits of a behaviour based approach then grows rapidly from this point.

It is crucial that both the safety leadership and the safety coaching training is aligned within the organisation and this typically means that a senior manager who has attended the leadership training will introduce the safety coaching session to the supervisors and explain the importance of their role in taking the safety culture forwards.

One of the ARMS team discusses her approach to Safety Coaching.