Safety Culture Assessment

“People naturally don’t want to get hurt but why would people concern themselves with something they don’t think will happen?”

In order to design and implement an effective behaviour based safety programme it is essential that we first assess the existing safety culture across the organisation. This will help us understand with our client partner what currently exists in the organisation in terms of prevailing attitudes, behaviours and systems/processes that may hinder or encourage safe behaviour.

Typically this will involve the use of ARMS Ltd unique safety culture assessment survey tool which can be readily distributed as an ‘on-line’ or paper based questionnaire. Further to this and most importantly our experienced consultants will interview a selected number of people from the organisation including senior management, supervision and workforce representation.

Finally a detailed report will be generated to describe the current strengths and weaknesses across a range of six key safety culture dimensions. A series of clear recommendations for improvement will be highlighted. Many of these recommendations will go on to further influence the design of the client’s approach to behaviour based safety.

Also see: SPE International: Safe Behaviour as a Function of Consequences Paper (pdf)