Self Defence for Vulnerable Workers

“Vulnerability is just another way to describe risk and is something we must look to mitigate as far as we reasonably can.”

Some of our client’s activities can put their staff into contact with the general public and potentially vulnerable situations. Excellent communication skills are required here to ensure situations don’t escalate into violence but where this cannot be prevented through dialogue it is essential that these staff are able to defend themselves from serious injury until the emergency services can intervene or they can make their escape.

ARMS Ltd is proud to be associated with Peter Jones who applies a pragmatic approach to Martial Arts focused on awareness, avoidance, and escape.

Peter is a health care professional and currently holds six Black Belts with over 25 years of training experience. With Peter’s excellent facilitation skills and his knowledge of workplace health and safety he is able to deliver bespoke in-company workshops to help reduce worker vulnerability to a more acceptable level.