Vinci Construction

ARMS Ltd is delighted to announce that Vinci Construction are now working with us on their internal development of a behaviour based safety approach.

B&V BOSS 10yr Celebrations

This November, B&V celebrated over a decade of continuous improvement through their behavioural safety programme known as BOSS (Behaviour On Safe Sites). In this photograph are some of the senior managers/Directors responsible for its success; (Left to Right) Keith Offergelt, John Tucker (ARMS), Ruth Powell, Steve Miller, Paul Lloyd-Henry.

Scottish Water

ARMS Ltd is delighted to announce that Scottish Water has chosen us to partner with them for the next 3 years to deliver Behaviour Based Safety consultancy throughout their supply chain organisations. We look forward to helping Scottish Water achieve their vision for safety.

Severfield safety coaching project

This summer has seen has the start of a major safety coaching project roll-out across Severfield plc. ARMS Ltd has worked in partnership with the Severfield Board to develop an approach to identify and enhance the safety coaching skills of over 120 influential members of staff. The project will be completed and a sustainability programme implemented by Q1 2018. Complementing Severfield’s existing behavioural safety programme the safety coaching approach will be the key to establishing world class safety performance for this innovative business.

Amey Group

ARMS continues to work with the Amey Group on critical projects and recent safety culture assessments for Amey Highways division has been followed closely by a project involving the support of Assessment Centres for the restructuring/recruitment of the Group HSEQ team.

Another critical project in April was the facilitation of a Utilities division supply chain forum around HSEQ improvement planning.

ARMS is proud to have been working with the Amey Group since 2011 and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.


ARMS Ltd is currently deploying a bespoke Behaviour Based Safety training programme across the Windhoist business in Ireland, Belgium and France.

GE Renewables – Israel

ARMS Ltd is proud to announce our first contract with GE Renewables and the roll out of the Safety Leadership Programme within the Ashalim solar power site in the Negev desert, Israel. An exciting project which we are really looking forward to assisting GE Renewables with.


Buhler programme roll out

Buhler’s technical safety programme is planned in for Q1 2017 with an extensive roll out across Switzerland, China, India, Mexico and USA. We’re looking forward to working closely with our colleagues in Buhler during 2017 and helping them grow their positive safety culture.